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Grinnell Concrete Paving Stones

A premier pavingstone and retaining wall manufacturer, Grinnell provides you with a wide range of pavingstone and wall stone shapes, colors and textures. Whether you’re designing a residential walkway, driveway, patio or a commercial streetscape with Grinnell you will be able to transform any area into one that is truly exceptional. 

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Liberate your inner artist with the dramatic results you can only achieve with our beautiful stone designs. With Paverart, you can create dramatic, colorful images embedded with your stonework. 

Traditional and Vintage Pavers

Your home reflects your unique taste and style. Now, you can extend that style to your landscape. With Grinnell’s variety of attractive shapes, colors and textures, you will be able to transform any area into one that is truly exceptional.

Permeable and Eco Pavers

Meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stormwater performance criteria as a structural best management practice (BMP) while providing parking, roadand pedestrian surfaces

Traditional and Vintage Wall Stones

You will be amazed how easy it is to make an ordinary yard extraordinary. Turn a slope into a striking accent. Add contour and texture to create a showpiece garden. Create an outdoor area for relaxing or entertaining guests, even add some elegant tree rings and borders for the finishing touch.

Aspen Stone Firepit Kit 

Keep the cold nights warm with Grinnell’s new Aspen Stone ® Firepit. The rough-hewn texture of the Aspen Stone adds natural charm to any outdoor space. Our easy to assemble kit comes pre-packaged with Aspen block, fire bowl, grate, screen, ash tray, poker, and cover.